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Lucca Delicatessen was opened in 1929 by our Grandfather Mike Bosco along with his partners, chef Maggiore Colona, and Italo Cencini.


If you walked into Lucca’s then you would have seen the salami hanging from the ceiling and wheels of cheeses aging in the same rack we have today — as well as a hot-food line, male-only clerks in ties and white gowns, housewives crowded around the counter (there was no number system!) and perhaps even a mortadella-stuffed pig in the window for sale by the slice!

Our ravioli were sold to the Fairmont Hotel and were made by hand exactly as we do today – without the use of a machine – making them lighter and more tender than anyone else’s.

If you peeked in the kitchen you might have seen our Grandmother – along with other wives – making tortellini by hand. As children, our favorite clerk was Charlie – white haired and unready to retire. He always had a slice of salame or a chunk of grissini (handmade breadsticks) ready for us – a custom we like to continue with children today.


Our father, Ed Bosco, took over the deli in the late ‘50s. Business blossomed with his attention to detail, demand of consistency, and his continental style and service.

As teenagers, we remember the fire in the kitchen that resulted in some needed renovation. Don Hughetti, the head clerk, still grumbled when asked to put mayo and mustard on a sandwich, but created the Lucca Special Sandwich we still make daily.

After we graduated from college and started our own careers our father began talking about the possibility of selling the deli. This was a wake up call. The fact is, we couldn’t imagine a stranger running Lucca’s – so after growing up in the deli, and all those summer vacations and holidays working there – we both decided to come into the business full-time.


Today, we represent a brother and sister team that are delighted to share in the deli’s wonderful tradition and legacy. We hope you agree that we are lucky to be part of a special part of San Francisco history – and quite possibly – the tastiest little deli in the world!


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Paul Bosco, Linda Bosco Fioretti


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