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At Lucca we take the time and effort to make your sandwich the best you’ll ever have. Some people say we must have a secret…but really great sandwiches just take a little more time, effort, and the best quality ingredients. Our sandwiches may cost more, but the minute you take a bite you will forget the price tag. Order your sandwiches online now.    


Why our sandwiches are so delicious:    

  • We let you decide how you like your sandwich..making and pricing our sandwiches to order ensures you get what you want and pay for exactly what you get

  • We use only the best quality cured meats and cheeses – we roast our own turkeys, roast beef, chicken, and ham

  • We slice your meats and cheese to order – fresh and exactly as you like them

  • We use whole leaf lettuce (we do not purchase pre-shredded, chemical-treated lettuce)

  • We slice our own tomatoes, onions, and pickles daily – yes, it makes a huge difference

  • We use whole imported Italian marinated red and yellow peppers to make our famous pepper spread – our “secret ingredient”

  • Our huge selection of rolls are delivered fresh daily

  • We train our staff in the art of sandwich making…your sandwich will truly be made with love


Try our famous sandwiches and you will understand why many refer to Lucca as the “Tastiest Little Deli in the World.”    


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